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How to Resolve Paper Jam Problem in Brother Printers?

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How to Resolve Paper Jam Problem in Brother Printers?

Beitrag#1von MarcoSilve » 17.10.2017 13:50

For printer users, it is quite obvious that they will get a Paper jam issue on their printer. Whenever Paper jam issue occurs, the printer will notify its users by flashing it on their printer main panel. To prevent this error, users should take care of following things or they can contact at Brother printer helpline number UK.

• Do not overfill the paper tray.
• Many printers consist of the slider that enables users to add paper of different sizes, if the printer slider is not positioned correctly, it can cause paper jam issue.
• One should not mix the different sizes of papers in a printer tray.
• There should not be any debris or any foreign object in the printer tray.
• Do not use folded and labeled paper

However, if this issue persists on your printer then users can call us at toll-free 08081013524 Brother printer contact number UK. Even for any other issues related to Brother Printer user can dial a given number.
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Re: How to Resolve Paper Jam Problem in Brother Printers?

Beitrag#2von metrochemdry » 06.12.2017 11:37

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