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Beitrag#1von rxz123 » 15.04.2018 09:18

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You can find golf ball markers with a magnetic back that attach to a golf divot repair tool that fits nicely into your pocket or golf bag. There are several styles of magnetic golf ball markers that attach to a hat clip. The spring clip back attaches to the brim of your hat or visor so your maker will always be handy. If you don't wear a hat or visor, it will clip on to tongue of your shoes. When you bend over to get your ball, there your ball marker will be.

Golf ball markers come in two flavors , personalized and non-personalized. There is no such thing as generic golf ball markers, because each of them can be personalized to a certain degree. Personalized golf ball markers often contain the initials or name of your recipient or other items such as their favorite number, birth year, jersey number, and other items. Golf ball markers can even contain a full first name , however; the font size will be decreased.

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There are varieties of other golf ball markers that are made of plain materials, including plastics. These are cost effective as the personalization can be printed on them directly , without the need for engraving, which takes considerably more resources to complete. Ideas include someone?s name or initials on the American flag or other symbol.

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