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Beitrag#1von rxz123 » 24.11.2017 07:48

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• Posies in baskets

A basket full of posies is a best way to pay tribute to your dear one. You can find these baskets in various shapes and sizes which is ideal to be sent to a funeral or to the grieving ones directly. The circular shape of the Posy bloom helps in displaying the foliage and the flower neatly and can be a comforting sight for the bereaved family members.

• Funeral spray

The sprays for funeral are a popular choice to convey the sympathy and they arrive in both single end and double end designs. The ones that have dual end design are also termed as casket sprays which help in decorating the casket. The sprays for funeral come in an array of sizes, styles and shades to cater to their everyday requirements.

• Tied sheaf

Sheaves that are also known as tied sheaf are hand tied which makes it a best option to send it to a funeral directly. You can also send it to the residence of the family who have lost their dear one after a funeral to convey your condolence.

• Wreaths

Wreath is a best choice to express your sympathy and to pay tribute as it has a versatile circle design which is fully ornate with flowers of various kinds. You can send it as a sign of respect you have for the departed person and is also a traditional way to express your grief. You can find these wreaths in trendy and classic design to fit the funeral theme.

• Floral hearts

If you wish to make a personal statement that is much deeper in a funeral then the best way is to order a floral heart to show the compassion and love you had for the close family member. You can find these hearts made with different flowers, sizes and colours.

• Crosses for funeral

The funeral crosses are a great way to show your tribute to the family members while represent the feelings and sentiments you have for that family member. Such floral tributes are best for friends and relatives.

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