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[SPIEL] Wrath of Evil

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[SPIEL] Wrath of Evil

Post#1by Teamleiter & Techniker Gooof » 11.10.2011 02:39

Spiel: Wrath of Evil

Defend the gates of hell from waves of brave humans! Upgrade, buy spells, change archer classes and survive as long as you can!

Spell shortcuts: 1, 2, 3, 4

There is a boss every 15 waves. Don't quit early as the game has much to offer! Just upgrade on a regular basis and you will succeed.

You won't see all the features of the game if you quit too early.

Just one note - The priestesses do not stack! If there are 5 of them, reduction is 20%, if there is only one, the reduction is again 20%.


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